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Meghalaya State Data Centre (SDC)

Meghalaya State Data Centre


The Government of Meghalaya, as a part of its ongoing effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness through e-Governance, has started with the implementation of core infrastructure projects like CSC, SDC, SWAN and SSDG on a high priority basis.

Under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of the Government of India, State Data Centres (SDCs) were proposed to be established across 29 States & 6 UTs in the country along with Disaster Recovery (DR) in order to provide shared, reliable and secured infrastructure for hosting and managing the e-Governance applications of the State and its constituent departments. It would provide better operations and management control and thus minimize overall cost of data management, IT management, deployment, etc. SDCs help the State Government, State Line Ministries and Departments in providing Central Repository (database consolidation) of the State, provide Secure Data Storage, Online Delivery of Services, Citizen Information/Services Portal, State Intranet Portal, Disaster Recovery, Remote Management and Service Integration needed for G2G, G2C and G2B services. The various Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), both at the Central level, State level and also the integrated services of the NeGP are expected to use SDCs to deliver their services.

The Meghalaya State Data Centre (MSDC) was inaugurated and dedicated to the people of Meghalaya on the 17th of August 2011, by the Honorable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma in the presence of the IT Minister, Shri. A.L. Hek and Chief Secretary, Shri. W.M.S. Pariat. The 1800 square feet (approx) facility is located at NIC Building, 2nd Floor. The MSDC connected to the Meghalaya State Wide Area Network (MSWAN) provides access to the e-Governance applications and services to the Government employees through intranet and to the citizens through public internet or Common Service Centers (CSCs), etc. It is continuously monitored by surveillance mechanisms and administered by 24×7 operations and management staff.

MSDC acts as a mediator and convergence point between open unsecured public domain and sensitive Government environment. It enables various State Departments to host their services/applications on a common infrastructure leading to ease of integration and efficient management thus ensuring that computing resources and the support connectivity infrastructure (SWAN/NICNET) are adequately and optimally used. The SDC is equipped to host/co-locate systems (e.g. Web Servers, Application Servers, Database Servers, SAN, and NAS etc.). The centralized computers/servers can be used to host multiple applications. Through such a Shared Service Centre implemented in the State and managed by a competent Implementation Agency, the individual departments can focus more on the service delivery rather than on the issues surrounding the infrastructure.


  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Access Control System
  • Close Circuit Surveillance System (CCTV)
  • Fire Detection/Suppression
  • Intruder Alarm System
  • Electrical System
  • Ultra Sound Rodent Repellent System
  • Un-interruptible Power Supply System
  • Air Conditioning System (PACs & CACs)
  • Building Management System
  • Water Leakage Detection
  • Public Address System

Network Devices

  • Cisco Router 
  • Network Intrusion Prevention System –NIPS
  • Firewall - Adaptive Security Appliance 
  • Core Switch 
  • Access Switches 
  • Load Balancer -(Adaptive Control Engine)


  • Database Servers
  • Backup Server
  • Syslog Server
  • Staging Server
  • HIPS Server 
  • Web Servers 
  • Application Servers
  • Active Directory/DNS Server 
  • Antivirus Server
  • Proxy/Internal Mail Server 
  • EMS Servers

Storage Area Network (SAN)

  • IBM DS-5100 SAN
  • Expansion Enclosure 5000
  • Storage Volume Controller Engine – 2145-84A
  • SVC Console Server 2805-MC4
  • SAN Switch.
  • Raw capacity 11.4 TB
  • Useable capacity ~8.7 TB
  • 8 slots free for future use.

Backup: Tape Library

  • SAN Library 
  • 87 slot license.
  • Total slots 111.
  • 4 drives.
  • Approx 48 TB tape capacity

24x7 Availability

  • Diesel Generator back-up for full load
  • UPS in parallel redundant N+1 mode
  • Precision AC in N+1 mode
  • Redundant network components
  • Redundant server components


  • Enterprise Network & Server Monitoring System
  • Weekly/Monthly SLA Reports


  • National Knowledge Network(NKN) - 1Gbps (Primary Link)
  • NICNET - 2Mbps(Secondary Link)

Current Status of Application Hosted in MSDC


Active Applications  

  • PGRAMS (Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances)
  • MSERC (Meghalaya State Electricity Regulatory Commission)
  • AGRISNET (Agriculture Department) 
  •  File Tracking System (FTS, GOM)
  • State Portal & e-forms (SSDG)
  • Crime and Criminal Tracking Network(CCTNS) Application
  • Rozgar Vahini - Employment Exchange
  • NCC

MSDC Milestones


  • There are 27 applications/websites hosted till date from various State Departments and a few are in the development and testing stage.
  • MSDC Disaster Recovery Storage Replication has been setup with National Data Centre New Delhi.
  • Cloud based hosting has also been implemented at MSDC.
  • MSDC is ISO/IEC 20000:2011 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified.


Guidelines for Infrastructure & Application Hosting in SDC

For further details on hosting of applications in MSDC, kindly contact Meghalaya IT Department.
Contact Person: Shelter War, SIO.
Contact No: 0364-2500400


MSDC Helpdesk TollFree No : 1800-3453646

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