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State eGovernance Mission Team (SeMT)

State eGovernance Mission Team (SeMT)

The ‘State eGovernance Mission Team (SeMT) is an initiative taken by the Government of Meghalaya as per the capacity guidelines formulated by the Planning Commission & Department of Information Technology (Government of India).

Formation and Functioning of SeMT

The Meghalaya State e-Governance Mission Team (SeMT) was formed in the on theSeMT 13th August, 2008 to support the Leadership and Vision Level (Program Steering Council/Apex Committee) and function as the secretariat and full time internal advisory body in undertaking e-Governance projects. This team is responsible for undertaking the groundwork for providing an overall direction, standardization and consistency through program management of the e-Governance initiatives in the state of Meghalaya. All interdependencies, overlaps, conflicts, standards, overarching architecture, security, legal aspects, etc. across projects as well as core and support infrastructure shared across several projects would fall under the scope of work of SeMT

Roles and Responsibility of SeMT

The Meghalaya SeMT has 4 different wings (Program Management, Change Management, Financial Managpwcement, and Technology Management). The Department of IT has allocated five resources under the four different wings to start with, considering the existing e-Governance initiative in the department. The responsibilities of the team are highlighted below:


Wing 1: Program Management

  • Interagency Coordination
    • Interact  with  the  State e-Governance  Apex  Committee  and  other relevant governance bodies to identify their issues and concerns in matters related to the implementation of NeGP
    • Provide inputs to the State e-Governance Apex Committee and other relevant  governance  bodies  on  various  matters  related  to  e-Governance  and  help  them  understand  and  analyze  the  policy guidelines issued by various Central Agencies/ Committees etc
    • Support  State  e-Governance  Apex  Committee  in  resolving interdepartmental  coordination  issues  related  to  technical, architectural,  support,  inter  dependency,  standards,  security,  core, and support or shared infrastructure issues etc.
  • Programme Management
    • Develop  and  establish  suitable  Programme  Monitoring  Framework for the State under guidance from the State Nodal Agency
    • Monitor the implementation of various MMPs and NeGP components in the State and provide inputs to the Purchaser
    • Analyze  the  progress  of  the  NeGP  in  the  State  and  highlight  any issues/ slippages to higher authorities
    • Ensure that the different e-Governance projects being developed are in alignment with the overall objectives of NeGP
  • Capacity Building
    • Assist  the  individual  departments  of  the  State  Government  in creating  a  dedicated  team  for  conceptualizing  and  undertaking  e-Governance projects in their departments
    • In  close  coordination  with  the  Purchaser,  assist  the  State Government in addressing the issues related to Capacity Building
  • Financial Management
    • Oversee the status of fund utilization by various Departments of the State towards various aspects of NeGP
    • Ensure  Financial  Appraisal  of  project  reports  received  from  the various State Departments
    • Manage the financials of the SeMT and provide regular inputs to the Purchaser
  • SeMT Management
    • Oversee  the  functioning  of  SeMT  and  ensure  that  it  is  able  to suitably  meet  the  requirements  of  the  State  Government  in implementation of NeGP
    • Prioritize  and  allocate  available  resources/  work  to  the  SeMT Personnel  to  ensure  effective  service  delivery  within  the  defined structure
    • Clearly establish performance targets for the SeMT personnel in line with their assigned roles
    • Identify  developmental  needs  of  the  SeMT  personnel  and  ensure that specific training interventions are administered
  • Miscellaneous
    • Ensure  that  the  requirements  of State Departments in matters  like preparation of EoI/ RFP/ Contracts/ PPP and other related matters are suitably addressed
    • Identify  Change  Management  needs  of  the  Departments  and formulate  change  management  strategies  in  consultation  with  the State IT Department/IT Society/External Consultants
    • Support  the  State  Government  in  the  roll  out  of  Awareness  and Communication efforts as part of the NeGP


Wing 2: Change Management

  • Change Management
    • Identify  Change  Management  initiatives  as  part  of  Government Process Reengineering exercise
    • Synchronize  change  management  efforts  with  the  State/  National level initiatives
    • Provide capacity for scaling up of resources as and when required
    • Provide  stronger  focus  on  change  management  through  efficient communication, workshops, trainings etc.
  • CBMC Management
    • Support the State Departments in sourcing of the proposed PeMTs
    • Coordinate and work closely with the CBMC team and assist them in the implementation of CB Scheme
  • Capacity Building
    • Develop and implement action plans based on the Capacity Building roadmap  and  training  strategy  to  achieve  the  State  wide  capacity building targets
    • Identification of State wide Training and Capacity Building needs of the state department personnel
    • Analyze training needs to develop new training programs or modify and improve existing programs
    • Conduct  assessment  of  the  existing  training  infrastructure  in  the state  and  development  of  action  plan  to  improve  their  capacity  to lead the training interventions in state
    • Identification of external training agencies and supporting  the State Departments/ State Government in Empanelment process for these agencies
    • Development  of  course  content  and  training  programs  aimed  at Capacity  Building  for  management  and  implementation  of  e–governance initiatives
    • Provide support in development of programs aimed at sensitizing the senior  political  and  executive  leadership  towards  e– governance initiatives
  • Business Process Reengineering
    • Ensure assistance in identification of the capacity and all other gaps in  carrying  out  BPR  exercises  and  develop  plans  to  address  the same
    • Ensure assistance in the prioritization of the BPR initiatives related to a particular e–governance initiative
    • o  Ensure program level monitoring of the BPR initiatives being carried out  by  different  departments  and  ensure  uniformity  as  wel   as adequate level of synchronization among them
    • Provide  inputs on  the institutional/  legal/  procedural implications  of planned  process  changes  and  ensure  that  the  respective Departments are sufficiently informed on the same
    • Lead  and  direct creation  of  knowledge  by  collecting  and  providing benchmark as  well  as  best practices  for different  processes  to  the State  Departments to avoid duplication of effort and to shorten the learning curve
    • Study  the projects of various departments and suggest prospective use  of  tools  like  BPM  (Business  Process  Management)  etc  ,  or alternatively guide them on best way forward
    • Formulate  strategy  to  increase  the  awareness  among  the  State Departments/ PeMTs about the importance of BPR exercises
    • Liaise  with  the  BPR  team  at  DIT  and  provide  critical  inputs  for designing  guidelines  and  policies  around  various  Government Process changes


Wing 3: Financial Management

  • Financial Management
    • Analyze  and  understand  the  requirements  of  various  State Departments  in  relation  to  Financial  Management  of  the  e-governance projects
    • Develop and support in establishing suitable Financial Management processes  in  the  State  Departments  in  line  with  overall  policy guidelines issued by the Purchaser
    • Analyze  various  PPP  models  possible  for  e-Governance  projects with State Departments and support in design of appropriate model
    • Monitor  the  funding  status  of  various  e-Governance  projects  and collect data on utilization of funds
    • Prepare  reports  on  the  fund  utilization  and  provide  inputs  to  the Purchaser as wel  as the State Apex Committee
    • Support  the  State Apex  Committee  in decision making  process for matters related to financing of e-Governance projects
    • Track expenses, ensure proper allocation and use of funds, review budget revisions and ensure timely payments to vendors
  • Financial Appraisal
    • Support  State  Departments  in  Financial  Modeling  of  the  e-governance projects
    • Appraise  the project  reports  for  their  financial  viability  and  provide expert advice to ensure financial robustness of the projects
  • Contracts & Procurement
    • Support State Departments in developing standard Contracts, RFP and other relevant guidelines
    • Support  State Departments in vendor evaluation and deployment


Wing 4: Technology Management

  • Design & Architecture
    • In  coordination  with  the  Technology  Division  at  DIT,  define  and implement  the  standards  for  Application  Development,  Database Design and Infrastructure Deployment
    • Support  the  State  Apex  Committee  in  decision  making  on technological issues related to e – governance Study  and prepare  status  reports  on  IT Infrastructure of  State  and assist the State Government in its improvement
    • Analyze  the  existing/ proposed  projects  for  their  provisioning  of Strategic Control, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    • Assist  the  State  Government  in  coming  up  with  a  robust  IT infrastructure to support the roll out of e – governance projects
    • Ensure  that  individual  project  level  initiatives  are  interoperable, standardized, scalable and secure across various areas of software, hardware and infrastructure
    • Partner  with  the  PeMTs  and  help  them  in  developing  technical standards/  architecture/ product  specifications  for  the  e–governance projects
  • Technical Appraisal
    • Conduct Technical Appraisal of the various project reports received from the State Departments
  • Miscellaneous
    • Assist State Departments in technical evaluations of external agency proposals  related  to  implementation  of  various  e–  governance initiatives
    • Assist  State  Departments  in price negotiations  related  to  IT goods procurement
    • Support  in  monitoring/  help  establish  suitable  network/  IT infrastructure monitoring system at the State level


Current Status:

Though the scope of work and deliverables expected from SeMT seems limited, the work encompasses a whole lot of advisory requirements spring up from time to time. In view of this, the following set of deliverables have been submitted by the SeMT, so far,

  1. Project Proposal for Computerization of Block Development Offices of the State of Meghalaya
  2. Project Proposal for Computerization of DC Suite Government of Meghalaya
  3. Project Proposal for Computerization of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
  4. Project Proposal for Computerization of Tura Municipal Board
  5. Meghalaya Information Security Policy 2008
  6. Concept Note on State e-Governance Mission Team
  7. Note on Revamping IT Website
  8. Background Note for Second Apex Committee Meeting
  9. Review and Feedback Form for Open Standards
  10. Notifications for PeMT (Project e-Governance Mission Team) formation in the Department of Education, Department of Agriculture and Deputy Commissioner’s Office
  11. Proposed Detailed Scope of Work
  12. Presentation for Discussion with BASIX
  13. Salient Points of SDC RFP for internal discussions of SeMT
  14. Standards and Policies of e-Governance
  15. Policy for Development, Hosting and Maintenance of Departmental Website
  16. SeMT – Roadmap 2009-2010
  17. Apex Committee Meeting – Presentation delivered by Mr. D.P. Wahlang
  18. Apex Committee Meeting – Presentation delivered by SeMT, PwC
  19. Follow up letters on various proposals submitted by Meghalaya IT Department to DIT, GOI.
  20. Accompanied the IT department on the SWAN tour visiting all districts and MMP offices in the state
  21. Monitoring of state core infrastructure projects
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