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Functions & Services Provided by Department of the Information Technology & Communication

The current functions of the Information Technology & Communication Department are as under:

  • Policy matters relating to IT, such as design review and monitoring of the IT Policy for the State and implementation of the relevant Provisions of the IT Act, 2000.

  • Promotion of knowledge based enterprises, e-commerce; IT enabled services and IT Education.

  • Development of Microelectronics, IT Standardization, Computer Software Exports etc.

  • Provision of infrastructures and training for e-governance such as connectivity across Departments, Information Kiosks to the people etc.

  • To liaise with the Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India and its various organizations.

  • Any other functions, which have a bearing on the newly used technologies in this area.

Services Provided by IT&C Department:

G2G (Government to Government)

  • To provide coordination in planning and implementation of IT Sector Projects involving more than one Department
  • To recommend suitable guidelines and instructions to various Departments for promotion of IT in the State.
  • To recommend guidelines on purchases of software and hardware as well as after sale services and maintenance and specification of ergonomic furniture.
  • To function as a high level/empowered Committee for clearance of Centrally Sponsored Schemes/Projects.
  • To increase efficiency and effectiveness of Government through e-Governance initiatives
  • Overall guidance and consistency in plan, policy and project implementation accross State Govt. Units through SeMT.

G2B (Government to Business)

  • To act as a single window agency for clearance of IT projects in the State.
  • To promote knowledge based enterprises, e-commerce; IT enabled services and IT Education

G2C (Government to Citizens)

  • To promote IT education and training
  • To make Government services more accessible to common citizens and increase effectiveness and reduce turnaround times through various e-Governance initiatives
  • Sensitization of EGovernance Initiatives and Capacity building for citizens and various other stakeholders

G2E (Government to Employees)

  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees through IT interventions
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