Projects Completed

  1. Administrative Map of Meghalaya showing District Boundary, District HeadQuarters, SubDivision, Block HeadQuarters, Block Boundaries along with approachable road network.
  2. Administrative Map of Meghalaya indicating health infrastructure (functional, non-functional, under construction & upgraded to hospital).
  3. Block Boundary Map of Meghalaya.
  4. Map showing different co-operative societies in Meghalaya
  5. Road Information Management System
    • Study of existing digitized road network data for the entire state.
    • Digital enhancement of and geo-coding of high resolution satellite data covering Meghalaya state
    • Extraction of road network, settlement locations and drainage features from satellite data and updation of existing vector data.
    • Validation of road network database in the field and collection of attribute information
    • Dynamic segmentation of roads network database and attaching relevant attribute database pertaining to inventory data
    • Development of a customized GIS application in ArcGIS environment for Road Information Management for easy use by the decision making officials.