Invest In Meghalaya

Five Reasons to Invest in Meghalaya

  1. Compact and Responsive Administration
    Meghalaya is a State with a compact, efficient, responsive Administration. A dynamic Administration is implementing a visionary Action Plan for holistic development of the City.
  2. Best Quality Life
    Shillong is a Hill - station with a quality of life which is the best in the country. It is the cleanest and greenest hill stations in the country with. Excellent recreational facilities are other plus points.
    Human Resources availability in Meghalaya is second to none. Further up-gradation of Human Resources is being carried out as per the  other envisaged initiatives.
  3. Policies
    The pro-active, vibrant set of policies including the I.T.-VISION 2010, the IT Enabled Service Policy and the SEZ Policy which are being implemented effectively. The Special Economic Zone Status of the Meghalaya Technology Park (S.T.P.I.) is proving to be the biggest attraction for Companies planning to invest in the region.
  4. Single Window Advantage
    The intervention of the Administration in the process of setting up of facilities by a company in Meghalaya is minimal. Wherever such intervention or facilitation is required by companies, Single Window committees have been set up to facilitate quick processing of applications and documents. 
  5. Quality Infrastruture
    Excellent social and physical infrastructure including power, water, roads connectivity and presence of high quality Health and Educational Institutions. Basic and Technical Education is of the highest quality.