State Service Delivery Gateway (S.S.D.G.) and State Portal


The Government of India, as enunciated in the National Common Minimum Programme, has approved the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) in pursuance of its policy of introducing e-Governance on a massive scale. The NeGP aims to make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality through remote access, primarily through Common Service Centres (CSCs) and enable the State Portal (by implementing the key components State Portal viz. SSDG, electronic Form ("e-Forms"), Application and Computing Infrastructure)

S.S.D.G. as proposed by Government of India acts as an intelligent hub and routes service requests from a service seeker to a service provider and in return sends the response back to the service seeker. The State Portal is envisioned as an informative, interactive, integrated and trusted service delivery channel for all the Government to Citizens (G2C), Government to Business (G2B) Services of the State and its constituent departments. Thus, the State Portal and SSDG are an integral part of the G2C service delivery architecture at the State level.

The Government of Meghalaya undertook the following steps preceding the SSDG rollout.

  1. Identified departments where significant computerization (more than 60%) & automation has been undertaken to ensure e-enabling of delivery of G2C services.
  2. Identified and prioritized the services that need to be e-enabled through this scheme.
  3. Collected data from field level offices and vertical line departments that elucidated the gap in infrastructure available and/or required including the requirements for connectivity.
  4. Care has been taken to ensure that this connectivity is primarily the horizontal connect to the SWAN back bone.
  5. The initial phase in SSDG is for the roll out of e- forms and related services which would get scaled up to the energized two way inter-communication for the G2C services.

Meghalaya State Portal and SSDG

The State Portal along with State Service Delivery Gateway was launched on the 3rd of May, 2012, by the Honorable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma in the presence of the IT Minister, Shri A.L. Hek. On this day, four e-forms were also made available to the citizens. WIPRO has been awarded the contract to carry out the implementation of the SSDG Project in the State.

The objective of the State Portal & SSDG scheme is to ensure the following:

  • Providing easy, anywhere and anytime access to Government Services (both Information & Transactional)
  • Reducing number of visits of citizens to a Government office / department for availing the services
  • Reducing administrative burden and service fulfillment time & costs for the Government, Citizens & Businesses.
  • Reducing direct interaction of citizen with the Government and encourage 'e'-interaction and more efficient communication through portal
  • Enhancing perception & image of the Government and its constituent Departments.
  • Promotion of uniform web interface across Government and build in synergies with the National Portal of India (NPI) using the National Service Delivery Gateway.
  • Delivery of services through Common Service Centres (CSCs) by leveraging the common infrastructure (SWAN, SDC etc.) and development of the applications and infrastructure required for deployment of State Portal and State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) for the State.
  • Publishing the static data and all information of the State departments in line with guidelines for necessary integration with National Portal of India

Current Status

  • First set of four e-forms were made available to the public on 3rd of May, 2012.
    • Mutation/Apportionment of Holding
    • Senior Citizen Certificates
    • Caste Certificates
    • Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC)
  • Other e-applications forms are in the development and testing stages.
  • All services and the State Portal have been certified by STQC. (Quality Certification of the project, i.e. Portal, Application, Electronic forms and State Service Delivery Gateway is mandatory. STQC has been designated to perform this task.)
  • Production environment, including CAS implementation has also been completed.