I.T. Computing Infrastructure

Meghalaya is a hub for some of India's best Institutions such as I.I.Ms, NIFT, I.H.M. and various I.T. Training Institutes. These Institutes are equipped with the best I.T. Technologies and Computing Infrastructure.

Some of the India's top IT Infrastructure finds its home in the abode of clouds/knowledge.

NEHU also housed one of India's Param Super Computing Facility in its campus.

Department of I.T. also is equipped with LAN connectivity with all Officials networked. Laptops and Desktops are used by all officials in the Department. Through I.T. Department laptops and desktops are issued to concerned higher officials in every Department. With N.I.C., state Unit, assistance all Secretariats are connected using a braodband connection of 100 MBPS. In most offices, printers and scanners are also installed.

Agriculture Departments also boasts of state of the art computing and I.T. infrastructure through Agrisnet Project. The Data centre is among the best in such Departments in India.

Police Departments through C.I.P.A. project has acquired networks and computers for the police .I.P.A. personnels in all major police stations in the State. The State Police Hqrs is also equipped with the latest I.T. infrastructure for CIPA & C.C.T.N.S. projects.