Objectives of the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Meghalaya

In order to actualize the vision and mission, the Government's thrust is to make Information Technology the vehicle for productive growth in the State. Productive growth can be classified into three categories:-

  1. I.T. for all round developmental growth (I.T. as an aid for Development)
  2. Improved performance in governance and administration
  3. Developmental activities leading to I.T. related growth (Development of I.T. Sector)

I.T. for economic and all round developmental growth:

In order to make I.T. an engine for the growth and economic development in the State, the Government will strive to

  • Use I.T. to effectively manage the implementation of development programmes in the State.
  • Make use of I.T. to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the development programmes in the State
  • Use I.T. as a tool for bridging the digital divide and bringing economic prosperity to all sections of the society

I.T. in Governance and Administration:

Providing good governance and efficient administration in the fast growing and competitive world is a challenge. Information Technology infrastructure and tools would be utilised in overcoming the challenge by:

  • Making Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensuring efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs
  • Addressing and managing security issues, cyber crimes, formulation of I.T. related rules and procedures and other matters relating to effective implementation of this policy.
  • Evolving an effective model for process re-engineering which will guide and drive the future development of e-Governance projects and applications.
  • Ensuring that a robust e-Governance back-end is established including establishing integrated e-Government systems.
  • Establishing a data hub and a data Centre for facilitating data exchange between Departments in a structured manner.

Development of I.T. Sector

Creation of an environment conducive to I.T. related activities

The State Government would make an effort to create the right environment and atmosphere conducive for promoting the I.T. Industry in the State by way of the following:-

  • Provide special incentives to the entrepreneurs and investors and to remove bottlenecks and problem encountered by them.
  • Establishing basic infrastructure for the development of I.T. industry in the State through its own resources or with the help of the Government of India, financial institutions and other I.T. Organisations.
  • Promoting the growth of e-commerce and software export
  • Facilitate the establishment of I.T. Enabled Service Delivery Centres in the State.

Human Resource Development:

In order to provide quality manpower for the growth of the I.T. industry in the State

  • The Government will encourage setting up of I.T. institutions of repute in the State.
  • The Government would take steps to ensure that organisations/ institutions imparting education meet technical and quality standards.