Soft Point

Soft point is the STPI's "International Private Leased Circuit" service, commonly known as I.P.L.C. and ranging from 64Kbps to N*64Kbps. An IPLC is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between offices that are spread across the world.

Software Technology Park Building The services are offered on Satellite and fiber. Presently STPI is utilizing the services of Intelsat, New Skies satellite, APSTAR etc. to cover North America, Europe and APAC regions. The satellite downlinks into Europe and from there on it reaches any destination in North America and Europe over fiber links. For APAC region direct downlink has been established.

The IPLC's are digital circuits available for international telecommunications to be used for data transmission, communication etc. IPLC's are secure and exclusive to the user and are ideal for companies that have high volume of international data transmission. IPLC's provide efficient, reliable and secure point-to-point connectivity to business partners 24 hours away, anywhere in the world. Wide range of data transmission speed allows to grow services as required. The interfaces offered are V.35, G.703 etc.